Adult Orthodontics


Looking for a bright and full smile?

Apart from traditional braces, we offer the full range of aesthetic options for adults seeking to improve their smile.



Aesthetic Ceramic Braces

An affordable aesthetic option that is discrete and effective.

3M Clarity Ceramic Braces Orthodontist Braces Hawthorn
Ceramic Braces Orthodontist Braces Hawthorn




A series of removable custom-made aligners programmed to align teeth in a virtually invisible manner.



Invisible Braces

These braces are attached to the tongue side of your teeth and are invisible on smiling. They are custom made for each individual.  There are a variety of lingual braces available that vary from gold to silver in colour.



Frequently Asked Questions

At Smile Hawthorn, we are always ready to answer queries you have about orthodontics.

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