Braces & Appliances


At Smile Hawthorn, a broad range of highly aesthetic braces and appliances are available to align your teeth and improve your smile in an efficient and predictable manner.




Traditional Braces

We provide both silver and clear options for traditional braces. 
Silver braces are typically made of stainless steel and come plain or with colours.

Traditional Metal Braces
Traditional Metal Brackets


Clear Braces

Clear braces are made from porcelain and are an excellent aesthetic and discreet option available.

Clear ceramic Orthodontist Braces Hawthorn
Clear ceramic Orthodontist Braces Hawthorn


Invisible Hidden Braces

These braces are attached to the tongue side of your teeth and are invisible on smiling. They are custom made for each individual.  There are a variety of lingual braces available that vary from gold to silver in colour.




Invisalign® involves a series of removable clear plastic plates that are programmed to move teeth. They are virtually invisible on smiling.



Orthopaedic appliances

These are used in growing patients that have an imbalance between their upper and lower jaw and facial profile. These appliances are used to influence the pattern of jaw and facial growth and achieve facial balance. These appliances may be removable or fixed to the teeth.



Expansion Appliances

These appliances are used to widen narrow upper jaws and correct crossbites, or create space to alleviate crowded teeth. They are commonly used in growing patients alone or as part of an orthopaedic appliance. They may be also used by adults that require jaw surgery.



Skeletal Anchorage Systems

This is one of the latest developments in orthodontics and is available at Smile Hawthorn to treat a broader range of dental and jaw problems in an efficient and predictable manner.



Frequently Asked Questions

At Smile Hawthorn, we are always ready to answer queries you have about orthodontics.

Some more commonly asked questions can be found here

FAQ - Orthodontics

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