Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our practice respects your right to privacy and it has systems and processes in place to ensure it complies with the Australian Privacy Principles.

A complete policy is available at our practice.

  • The information collected from you will be used for the purpose of providing treatment to you. Personal information such as your name, address and health insurance details will be used for the purpose of addressing accounts to you as well as processing payments and writing to you about any issues affecting your treatment.
  • We may disclose your health information to other health care professionals or require it from them if, in our judgement, that it is necessary in the context of your treatment. In that event, disclosure of your personal details will be minimised wherever possible.
  • The clinicians at this practice actively engage in professional study groups and continuing professional development at associations and universities. Consequently, de-identified/anonymous copies of radiographs and photos may be suitable for research purposes, in study groups or at seminars for the purposes of education and training of other students or dental professionals.
  • At the end of treatment de-identified/anonymous before and after records may be suitable for the addition to our patient education resources, which may include our website. At this time, you may request that this is not done.
  • If you choose not to provide us with information relevant to your care, we may not be able to provide a service to you, or the service we are asked to provide may not be appropriate for your needs. Importantly, if you do not provide information that may be relevant to your care or that is otherwise requested by us, you could suffer some harm or other adverse outcome.
  • The practice privacy policy sets out how you may complain about a breach of privacy and how the practice will deal with such a complaint.
  • Your patient history, treatment records, x-rays and any other material relevant to your treatment will be kept on site. You may inspect or request in writing copies of your treatment records or seek an explanation from the dentist. If you want copies or if you request an explanation of your records or a written summary, a fee may apply.
  • If any of the information we have about you is inaccurate, we ask that you inform us to alter our records accordingly.

If you have any queries or concerns about our handling of your health information, please do not hesitate to raise these concerns with our practice. the world smiles with you

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