Fissure Sealing

Sealing up the gaps

At Smile Hawthorn, we have a strong focus on preventing dental diseases like decay.

Many teeth have deep, convoluted grooves and sealing them can reduce the chance of the tooth becomming decayed.

It is a simple, quick, painless and inexpensive way of minimsing the risk decay whilst making cleaning your teeth easier.

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Dr Andrew's Pro-Tip: Are fissure seals necessary?

Placing fissure seals is like painting over a deep paint scratch on a car.

There is a chance that nothing will happen if you don't paint the scratch or there is a chance that rust may set in and you will need a new car panel.

Similarly, you may not have any issues, but there is a possibility that without proper care and monitoring you may end up with a cavity and a more expensive filling.

Dr. Andrew will discuss the need for sealing deep grooves whilst considering your risk status for decay in your teeth.

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How fissure seals work?

Placing a Fissure seal

  • The tooth is cleaned
  • A surface preparation gel is placed and washed away
  • The sealant is flowed in the grooves
  • It is then set with a light
  • Minor adjustments are made for a comfortable bite

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