Tooth Coloured Fillings

Tooth coloured fillings

There are 2 main types of tooth coloured fillings that we utilise at Smile Hawthorn to repair teeth.

Resin composite is the most common type of tooth coloured filling and is what is placed on a routine basis in practices.

Ceramic inlay/onlays are a stronger, more durable filling that is custom made by a laboratory.

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Resin Composite

Tooth coloured fillings in Hawthorn

A resin composite filling is a combination of tooth coloured plastic resin (dimethacrylate monomers) and glass particles(silica).

It has become the more common filling material used by dentists over the past 20 years.

It is an adhesive material that bonds to the tooth structure, and can be easily moulded in the mouth to the required shape.

However, due to the underlying plastic nature of the material, it tends to wear down faster and can break under heavy biting forces.

Dr Andrew's Pro-Tip:
Want to avoid painful and expensive dentistry?

When a tooth has decay or it is broken, there is a higher chance that it can continue to decay or break at a faster rate.

Placing the most appropriate filling in the area can help improve the strength of your tooth and the need for more regular replacement.

Putting off fillings can result in pain and discomfort as well requiring more complex work like crowns and even root canal therapy.

Dr. Andrew will discuss your needs in restoring your tooth and advise on the best options to fix your tooth and keep it strong.

Tooth coloured fillings in Hawthorn

Ceramic Inlay/Onlays

Strong lasting Tooth coloured fillings in Hawthorn

Ceramic (porcelain) fillings are highly aesthetic and durable tooth coloured filling materials.

They are made of the same material that dental crowns and bridges are made from and offer superior colour, strength and longevity compared to composite fillings.

Unlike crowns, ceramic fillings are designed to fit within the cavity rather than surround the entire tooth.

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