Lingual / Hidden Braces

Lingual/Hidden Braces

Lingual braces or hidden braces are a treatment option that is very popular with adults thanks to the fact that they are practically invisible.

Unlike conventional braces, lingual braces are custom designed for a patient and are connected on the inside of the teeth.

Dr. Carolyn is one of the few orthodontists in Melbourne that has been trained and is certified to provide lingual braces and works with state of the art laboratories to provide patients with this truly aesthetic appliance.

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How do lingual braces work?

  • The customised brackets are placed on the inside of the tooth surface.
  • A series of special wires are connected to ensure the teeth move in the correct way and to the correct extent.
  • Dr. Carolyn monitors the movements and makes any appropriate adjustments just like conventional braces.
  • You continue smiling your brightest as your teeth get moved to their optimal position.

What are the benefits of Lingual/Hidden Braces?

By being placed on the inside of the teeth, lingual braces:

  • Are rarely seen due to their location.
  • Work similarly to conventional braces but with increased aesthetics.
  • Some speech exercises are recommended at the start, but speech and function is minimally affected.

Dr Carolyn's Pro-Tip: Lingual Braces

Mum showing child lingual braces

Lingual braces are best suited for people who want straight teeth but their lifestyle requires a high level of aesthetics.

Due to the customised nature of lingual braces, there can be a few weeks between the consult and when the braces get put on.

Regular dental visits, good oral hygiene and a sensible diet (no hard/sticky foods) are very important during lingual braces treatment to ensure treatment proceeds smoothly with minimal disruptions.

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