Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics)

Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics)

At Smile Hawthorn, we aim to help you keep your teeth as long as possible.

Root treatments are a way of preserving heavily damaged or traumatised teeth and maintaining the bony structure of the jaws and face.

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What is Root Canal Therapy/Endodontics?

What is Root Canal

Root therapy, or endodontics, involves the careful removal of the damaged, diseased or dead nerve and infection, followed by thorough disinfection of the root system, and finally sealing and filling the clean and empty core of the tooth.

Endodontic treatment helps you maintain your natural smile, continue eating the foods you love and limits the need for ongoing dental work.

Teeth restored in this manner have been reported to show an acceptable long term survival of 10 years.

Reasons for needing Root Canal Therapy/Endodontics

Reasons for requiring root canal therapy include:

  • Deep fillings or decay
  • Repeated dental work on the tooth
  • Poorly fitted or faulty crowns
  • Cracks, chips or trauma
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Dr Andrew's Pro-Tip: Having Root Canal Therapy

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  • Commence root canal therapy sooner rather than later as delaying treatment can result in further increasing episodes of pain and discomfort.
  • In some circumstances, if left untreated, infections relating to teeth requiring root therapy can cause severe enough problems that hospitalisation may be required.

  • Antibiotics and analgesics are only a temporary solution as, while they reduce your pain now, they will not take away the cause of your pain and may result in larger problems later.

  • By commencing treatment as soon as possible, you can limit the amount of pain felt and achieve a successful, long term outcome!

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy/Endodontics

  • Root therapy, when planned and executed appropriately, is virtually painless and often is less traumatic or painful than extraction.
  • In some cases, root therapy can negate the need for complex bridges or implants or even dentures.
  • Your own teeth often can look better than a prosthetic one.
  • With proper care and monitoring, most teeth that have had root canal treatment can last a lifetime.
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